FOUR friends are taking on a marathon golf challenge in a bid to raise money for a cancer charity which helped support one of them through a brain tumour.

The team will play four rounds of golf, totalling 72 holes, in one day, starting at 4.30am on Friday, June 21, the longest day of 2019.

The Woodham Warriors, made up of Dale Briggs, of Chilton, Robert Scott, Ian Dobson and David Pape all of Newton Aycliffe, have set themselves a fundraising target of £1,000.

Mr Scott was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was a child, age eight, which required surgery and radiotherapy.

He said: “We raised money afterwards, me and my mum put collection boxes out at the time.

“I’ve sort of forgot about it, it was nearly 30 years ago and I was the one going through it, so I think Macmillan were there more for my mum and my family.

“The golf challenge is an opportunity to fundraise for charity whilst also playing a sport we enjoy so it’s all good.”

The challenge is part of a national fundraising campaign from Macmillan Cancer Support which has raised more than £10m since 2002.

Challengers will walk between 20 and 25 miles throughout the day with few breaks.

Mr Briggs, of Chilton, said: “I lost my Nan to cancer six years ago and have always wanted to give something back to Macmillan.

“I got into golf after a friend recommended I try it, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I did and after a few months I beat the club captain in a competition.

“I’ve been playing for around 18months now, but Ian has been been playing for a long time.”

Mr Dobson said: “I’ve probably been playing for 30 years, it’s the frustration of it that I enjoy.

“We know this is going to be a long day, we’re hoping to tee off at 4.30am and be finished by around 10.30pm.

“The first round should be pretty quick as it will be quiet, but once other people start coming onto the course that will no doubt slow things down.

“We would like to thank our sponsors, Durham Animal Feeds, Hannan Plumbing and Heating, Signmaster and Alan Kay Sports Therapy and Massage, we really appreciate their support and everyone else who has donated."

The team are completing the challenge at Woodham Golf Club, in Newton Aycliffe, and would welcome any support from members of the public.

For information about the challenge or to sponsor the Woodham Warriors visit: