THE next generation of the world's fastest animal has been born in the Yorkshire Dales but the tiny Peregrine Falcon chicks are being kept away from prying eyes by their devoted parents.

Staff and volunteers from the Dales National Park Authority and the RSPB who have helped preserve their site at Malham Cove say the latest hatching is the 22nd time the birds have bred there since they came back in 1993.

People can see the birds in action taking food to the new chicks from the public viewing point at the base of the Cove. RSPB Manager Anthony Hills said: "The next few weeks are going to bring lots of exciting activity as the parents catch food for their hungry young ones, and of course it won’t be long before these chicks are ready to take their first tentative flights. I’d highly recommend a trip up to the Cove viewpoint to see these birds in action and to get the latest updates."

Ian Court, wildlife officer for the park added: "The nest site is out of sight, but the adults have been seen taking food to the next ledge, which means they are definitely feeding young."

Peregrines have been recorded at speeds of up to 200 miles an hour earning them a reputation as the fastest animal in the world.