THOUSANDS of festival-goers are gearing up for Radio 1's Big Weekend later this week, but not everyone will be happy to see them.

Residents living near Stewart Park in Middlesbrough have complained about the work being done to prepare the site for the festival, which takes place from Friday to Sunday and is expected to attract more than 64,000 people.

Park visitors have witnesses JCBs driving around the grassed areas, with dogs and young children having to avoid them, and they have also complained about tools and equipment lying around.

One regular visitor, who asked not to be named, said: "The event organisers have already started to take over the park two weeks in advance and are fencing off the whole area for the event with big fencing.

"This is two weeks before the event and is stopping members of the public enjoying the park in the lovely weather we had the other weekend - it is disgraceful.

"I know it is a big event for the region, but there has been no consideration given to the people who use the park and enjoy it as part of their daily life.

"For many people, it is the only space they've got."

Another resident said: "There were no signs up anywhere to advise that vehicles were driving around.

"They have also reduced the parking to 52 hard spaces, and during construction of tents etc they have also blocked off playing equipment that children can use.

"I would normally recommend this park, but for the next few weeks I wouldn't for the likes of dog walkers and people with young children, there were vans, pickups and cars going over the grassed area where kids and families usually go for kick abouts and picnics."

Full closure of the visitor car park at Stewart Park will commence at 4am on Thursday, and run until Saturday, June 1.

An overflow car park will be made available for visitors outside of the event period.

Stewart Park will be closed to non-ticket holders from 6pm on Friday until 7.30am on Monday, May 27.

A spokesperson for Middlesbrough Council declined to comment on the concerns.

The council said previously: "We want everyone to have a fantastic, hassle-free experience, so a great deal of planning has gone into the event."