AN ARTIST is set to turn her home into a pop-up gallery in time for Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Rosie Morris, 29, will be transforming her studio to celebrate all things Middlesbrough and is inviting the public to come along or submit their own work.

Following the local theme, the self-employed artist wants submissions from all local creators for a community gallery which will be exhibited from Thursday May 23 to May 30.

She is being supported in her set up by The Princes Trust, and encouraged and supported by Creative Factory Middlesbrough.

She said: "I want it to be a home from home art space.

"I want it to be a collective exhibition of people coming together to show what they're proud of in Middlesbrough.

"So far I've had nine submissions from artists who paint professionally and artists who just do it as a hobby.

"People can submit photography, poetry, sculptures - whatever they have made and want to put on display."

Situated next to the Transporter Bridge, Miss Morris hopes the location will draw in visitors who have come to enjoy Radio 1 Big Weekend and events.

She said: "Also that night of May 24 is the Pineapple Black gallery opening a new exhibition. The Auxilliary, which is a new space, is opening up and Hun North East, which is a collective of female artists, is doing a show. It's like a little art crawl in the area that night."

Miss Morris has held other temporary art galleries this year in her at-home studio, each with a different theme.

In February, she displayed work from students at Teesside University and hosted a female artists' gallery in March for International Women's Day.

Later this year she is planning to hold a themed exhibition in time for the anniversary of the Transporter Bridge.

She said: "I want people to be proud of their work and to show it off.

"Loads of people dabble in art and don't really show it because they're probably a bit scared whereas I want mine to be really laid back and accessible.

"I don't want artist statements or jargon, it's very much come see some artwork, chill out and enjoy it."

The deadline for submissions is Friday May 17 and can be done by contacting Miss Morris via her social media pages at or @rorostudio on instagram.

The temporary gallery will be open at Briggs House, Pioneering Way, Middlesbrough, TS2 1DH