INDEPENDENT, Liberal Democrat and Green councillors have agreed to form a coalition to run Richmondshire District Council.

The formal alliance by the group of 14 councillors, to be known as Richmondshire Together, follows the authority being thrown into a state of no overall control after no party took a majority at last week’s elections.

While the coalition includes ten Independent, three Liberal Democrat and the authority’s first Green Party councillor. the latter two parties have announced they have joined forces to create a formal voting group.

It is understood the coalition has been agreed after Liberal Democrats rejected the idea of an alliance with the ten Conservative councillors.

Leader of the Independent group Councillor Stuart Parsons said Richmondshire Together councillors would meet next week to discuss the direction of the new administration and decide upon its leadership ahead of the first full meeting of the council on May 21.

He said: “Building a council of consensus is always a complicated process, but we are aware of the deadline.”

Cllr Parsons said a single name had been put forward to be leader of the new administration, but declined to reveal who it was as discussions were ongoing.

Referring to their voting block, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party group, said they shared an “allegiance around supporting the environment and taking action around the climate emergency”.

The group, that potentially could return the Conservatives to power if the coalition with the Independents fails, have “pledged to work with other like-minded councillors to support local businesses and community groups and to fight for essential services that improve the lives of residents across the district”.

Leader of the newly-formed group, Councillor Clive World said: “The Liberal Democrats and Green Party at both national and local level are aligned around the biggest issues of the day.

“We are delighted to be working hand in hand with Green Party councillor Kevin Foster to make positive change happen across Richmondshire.”