RESIDENTS on a trouble-plagued street are being urged pass on information about anti-social behaviour and dog fouling following a clampdown by police and the council.

A suspected drug dealer was targeted on Cartmell Terrace as part of a widespread Durham Police operation to tackle Class A drug dealers which took place last month.

Operation Sentinel resulted in the arrests of ten men and four women, aged between 24 and 48-years-old.

As part of the operation a further two men were arrested in Birmingham by Durham Constabulary officers, with the support of West Midlands Police, in connection with a County Lines investigation.

As a result of the initiative, members of Darlington Borough Council's Anti-Social Behaviour and Civic Enforcement Team and Street Scene Enforcement team posted two separate letters to residents to highlight concerns that have been raised to the local authority.

The first letter from Anna Willey, the ASB and Civic Enforcement Manager, reads: "Following police drug warrants executed in your street, we would like to hear from you as residents in relation to anti-social behaviour caused as a result of those individuals living in your street.

"You can remain anonymous if you wish but it is important we hear from you to enable us to take long term action against the tenancies of those individuals."

The Northern Echo:

Rubbish in the back lanes of the Denes area

And householders have also warned that they face a £50 fixed penalty notice if they are caught letting their dog foul in the area.

The letter from the Street Scene Enforcement Team reads: "We would like to bring to your attention that complaints of dogs fouling in this area have been received. You should be aware that it is an offence under the Dog (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 to fail to remove dog faeces and that such offences can result in a fixed penalty notice of £50 or prosecution.

"Dog fouling is not only unpleasant but is a serious threat to health which the council is committed to reduce by regular patrols of all public areas and by encouraging reports from the public.

"We would therefore ask for your co-operation to ensure that if you are a dog owner that your dog is kept under control and that you always pick up the dog's mess immediately.

"If you sight any offenders or should you require any further information please contact the team."

Residents are urged to call the Anti-Social Behaviour and Civic Enforcement Team on 01325-406776 or members of the Street Scene Enforcement Team on 01325-346831.