TIME is the greatest healer according to a young entrepreneur overcoming depression, anxiety and agoraphobia by running her own watch business.

Teri Ellington, 23, began struggling with her mental health when she was a teenager and steadily spiralled. She also developed a fear of choking, which led to an eating disorder that made every day difficult for two years.

Despite her own issues, Miss Ellington secured a job as a kennel assistant, but was unfortunately made redundant from the role.

Thanks to her family's support who bought her a German Shephard pup, Miss Ellington had to regularly walk her pet, which helped her overcome her fear of leaving the house.

It was during her sudden unemployment that the then 21-year-old from Teesside decided to take matters into her own hands and start a business – Ellington Timepiece.

The young entrepreneur said: "My love of timepieces comes from my grandad, Norman, who has been a great influence in my life.

"Whenever we went shopping, he could always be found admiring the watches in the nearest jeweller’s window and it was a standard joke within the family if he went missing, that that’s where he could be found.”

Miss Ellington was able to launch her first collection of 300 watches named after her beloved dog, Sheba. She now has an office in Jarrow, South Tyneside, and sells her watches online, in House of Fraser and Hillier Jewellers, in Middlesbrough.

She added: "It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, this last year, but it has helped my mental health issues immensely.

"My intention is to work with mental health charities in the future and hopefully tell my story of how I am trying to overcome my own demons.

"If telling my own story helps just one person, in a similar position to me, then it will all be worth it.”

Most recently, the brand is in the final stages of securing a deal with retail clothing specialists Master Debonair to sell stock in their stores and online. The watches being exclusively supplied to Master Debonair are named in honour of her doting grandad, Norman.

Ms Ellington is currently working on her third collection and wants to expand the business to design limited-edition handbags and shoes.