RESIDENTS have mobilised against a tennis club’s plans to build a large cover over two existing tennis courts.

Residents of Mill Terrace in Great Ayton, near Stokesley claimed a planning application, submitted by the Great Ayton Tennis Club, would impact on the view from adjacent homes and structure would not be in-keeping with the village.

The planning application, which was received by Hambleton District Council on Monday, January 14, details plans for an 11.8 metre all-weather cover to be installed over two of the club’s five tennis courts.

But opposing plans, some residents have voiced their concerns over its suitability within the village.

One resident said: “The application states that this will be the only provision of this type between York and Middlesbrough and that is why this is needed.

“Our point remains that this is exactly the reason it should not be in a rural village.

“The towns of Thirsk, Stokesley, Bedale, Northallerton do not have the facilities available in the City of York or in the large urbanised area of Middlesbrough.

“Great Ayton is not a town, urbanised or market, nor a city – we do not live in a village for supersized facilities quite literally on our doorstep.”

The Northern Echo:

VIEWS: The current view of the tennis court's in Great Ayton

Another resident, claims the views from the rear of Mill Terrace houses would be ‘blighted’ by the cover, and said she would consider moving houses.

She said: “One of our concerns is the devaluation of property on Mill Terrace.

“We would like to invite the chair to all 13 resident’s bedrooms which looks directly onto the tennis courts – every single room counts for its view and obviously all you can see from my house is the two tennis courts.”

She added: “I work from home so my day-to-day life will be impacted, I would feel overwhelmed – I’d probably look at moving homes.”

The proposed cover is based on a similar installation present at The Appeti Tennis Centre.

Responding to concerns, Tim Ryan, chair of Great Ayton Tennis Club, said the suppliers of the all-weather cover offered their assurances that it would blend “well with typical skies” and would not become an eyesore if well maintained as planned.

He said: "The orientation of the dome is designed such that it will not be generally visible except to club members.

"The club is quite happy to fully engage and are engaging in the public consultation process in accord with the UK’s planning laws.

"We are not increasing the number of courts, the number of players at any one time cannot be more than currently.

"Our current car parking provision is as required by planning regulations.

"Our aim is to increase the regularity of tennis playing and availability of state-of-the art facilities to both Great Ayton and our neighbouring communities, by following the recommendations of our professional body the lawn tennis association."

The council said consultations are now due to close on May 21.