PARENTS of pupils at a North-East school are planning to take a petition to Parliament demanding urgent action to sort out the funding crisis after two teachers were made redundant.

A group of parents with children at Fishburn Primary School in County Durham are trying to get other parents and school staff right across the North-East to join them in campaigning against continuing education budget pressures.

The Northern Echo understands one member of staff has already left the school and another, a newly qualified teacher, will leave when their contract runs out at the end of the year.

But the parents, who describe the situation as "diabolical" and "disgraceful", are planning to take their concerns to Parliament, with the help of Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson, and are planning to officially launch the petition next week.

The petition also follows a Northern Echo investigation which discovered schools across the region are facing an “unprecedented” crisis, with headteachers across the North-East and North Yorkshire warning standards are dropping below an acceptable level and cuts are having a “significant impact”.

Scott Akoz, one of the parents behind the campaign, said: "This is just so wrong what is happening, I am not sure all parents across the country are aware of the situation.

"The schools are getting forced into these situations and it is not their fault. It is diabolical that it is down to parents to have to fight for their child's education.

"A child's education shouldn't be about cost – it is their own human right to get the best quality education."

Speaking in Parliament earlier this week about the issue, Mr Wilson said: "They (the parents) know the teaching staff and all those working at the school are excellent and are doing their best, but now they are deeply concerned.

"The school will see a reduction in teaching staff because of budget cuts. The ability to stretch the interest and the minds of young children through additional activities is being challenged.

"The parents are organising petitions, fundraising events and doing everything they can to raise the issues facing their local school."

Fishburn headteacher Danny Eason said it was great to have such "passionate" parents at their school.