WHEN the time comes around to have some work done on your car, a North-East dealership wants to make sure you know your rights.

David Henderson, managing director of Fred Henderson Ltd, in Durham, is keen to make drivers aware that they will not lose their warranties if they take their vehicle to an independent dealership, and could even save money by doing so.

He says: “It’s been the case for a few years that drivers have the right to have their vehicle serviced and repaired at a workshop of their choice, but many people are still under the misapprehension that they will forfeit their warranty if they don’t use the same dealership they bought the vehicle from.

“This is no longer true; in fact, our repair centre and body shop at Fred Henderson is fully equipped to service any make or model, while protecting the manufacturer’s warranty. You might be surprised how much you could save!

“We’re diligent in our approach to making sure that the right parts are fitted at the right time according to manufacturer’s specific service schedules and all our repairs are carried out by skilled, accredited mechanics, some of whom have been with us for more than 15 years – all of which will protect your warranty.

“We repair or service more than 4,000 cars every year, removing scratches and dents, repairing damage from accidents or deliberate vandalism, running diagnostics, replacing tyres and brake pads – anything that’s required.”

The repair centre reception area is open 24 hours a day, allowing vehicle drop off and collection at any time, and there is a roadside breakdown and recovery service which is also available 24 hours a day.

Courtesy cars are available while service and repairs are carried out (subject to availability).

David added: “Life isn’t predictable. Accidents and breakdowns, by their nature, are unexpected and unplanned for. That is why we run the 24-hour service, so our customers can trust they’ll have the help they need, when they need it, where they need it.”

Fred Henderson Ltd, Langley Bridge Garage, Langley Moor, Durham, DH7 8JZ

Tel: 01913 846 319