AN MP who banned buying plastics from her life for 40 days and 40 nights is to take her campaign to Parliament.

Rachael Maskell, MP for York, stopped buying anything wrapped in plastic or made of plastic during Lent. She will be addressing Parliament in a debate on "Plastic Recycling" next week.

Ms Maskell says she has been in talks with Nestle and some other retailers who are looking at alternatives but so much more needs to be done.

The Northern Echo: PLASTIC: MP Rachael Maskell is campaigning to find alternatives to plasticsPLASTIC: MP Rachael Maskell is campaigning to find alternatives to plastics

She added: "It has been a real journey over this Lent season as I have seen how plastic wrappings are used excessively in the food and retail industries. I have learnt about the impact that plastic waste is having on our planet and how poor recycling facilities means that plastic is going to landfill sites when it should be recycled.

"It has changed me. From my diet through to my choices, this period has made me review how I live, and I will continue to advocate for a plastic free environment ."

Ms Maskell said local authorities should undertake a review of recycling which is falling behind public expectation and aspirations with a third of plastics ending up in the oceans and some even in the food chain. She added: "All producers and retailers need to review how they package goods to ensure alternatives are used and it is the duty of Government to set stringent targets on industry and retailers to ensure that plastics are used to a minimum."