A WOMAN smashed a glass in her sister’s face during an argument after a boozing session.

The drunken row was over the estate of the siblings’ mother, who had died three months earlier.

Alison Andrew either thrust or threw the tumbler – bottom end forwards – into her sister’s mouth, knocking a front tooth out and pushing two others into her gums.

The victim swallowed the misplaced incisor and had to have the others pulled forward and wired together. She suffered a large gash to her mouth which needed to be stitched.

Teesside Crown Court heard that Andrew had cared for her sick mother for ten years and gave up her home to move in with her along with her daughter two years before the January attack.

Andrew, 53, had been boozing with friends and returned to the house in Stockton where she continued to drink with her sister for another hour.

When they were discussing the will, she became aggressive when her sister talked about selling the property because she feared she was going to be made homeless.

After “screaming and shouting” at the back door, she smashed the glass into her sister’s mouth then locked her outside, said prosecutor Jonathan Harley.

In an in initial impact statement, the victim said: “The incident left me feeling extremely frightened, scared and shocked.

“I would not have thought my sister was capable of doing this. She has gone too far. I am not going to allow myself to be bullied by her any more.”

In a later statement, she said she sympathised with her sister’s predicament, Mr Harley told Judge Deborah Sherwin.

He said: “Having had time to think about it, she realises she has problems, probably with alcohol and probably with mental health, and hopes the court will take that into account.”

Andrew, of Fairville Road, Stockton, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and was given a two-year community order with 100 hours of unpaid work and 20 days of rehabilitation activity.

In an interview with police, Andrew said she threw the glass.

Her lawyer, Michelle Turner, told the court: “She gave up her own accommodation lock, stock and barrel and moved in with her daughter.

“The catalyst was when the complainant instructed an estate agent to view the property, and that would have made the defendant and her daughter homeless.”

Judge Sherwin said: “For many years, you had cared for your mother through years of illness, and a particularly difficult final couple of years living at her home.

“After your mother died, you were living there with your daughter, and there was something of a disagreement between yourself and your sister, because the idea was the house would be sold and money shared equally, or you would buy out your sister.

You lost your temper and threw a glass which struck your sister in the mouth, causing her injuries.

“I appreciate things will have been tense, and you drinking will not have helped matters.”