HORDES of bikers took to the roads to spread Easter cheer to poorly children and raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Organisers hailed this year's Easter Egg Run as a likely record-breaker as hundreds of bikers gathered in Durham to ride en masse to Darlington Memorial Hospital and back to Durham Hospital.

Crowds of people lined the streets, some waving Union Jack flags and dressed in Easter attire, to cheer the bikers on.

Hundreds of eggs were donated to the hospitals' children's wards and organiser Tony Hudspith estimated there were around 500 bikes taking part who raised well over £1,000.

The Northern Echo:

He said: "It's definitely going to have broken all records this year.

"I think it's so popular because it's for the kids, bikers will do anything for kids and it also raises money for charities close to bikers hearts like the Blood Bikes.

"It is what bikers are best at, a real community." Mr Hudspith also praised the public's support as "amazing".

The Northern Echo:

He added: "It makes you feel proud of the biking community.

"Sometimes all people hear is the bad press, crashes or speeding or whatever, but this is a really good thing for the biking community."

Mr Hudspith said that even before donations were counted up on the day, the event had already raised more than £1,000 for charities including the Blood Bikes and the 'Paws Up' Durham Retired Police Dogs Benevolent Fund.