A BANNED driver was involved in a road-rage row and a police chase on the same day.

Paul Hindmarsh has now been warned he is going to jail and was told by a judge to "get your affairs in order".

Hindmarsh, from Darlington, admitted five offences from August 19 last year when he appeared at Teesside Crown Court.

The 29-year-old will return to court to be sentenced on June 13 after a psychiatric report has been prepared.

Initially, he denied a charge of affray relating to the road-rage incident, but after CCTV footage of the confrontation was shown in court, Judge Sean Morris said: "That looks like an affray to me."

Hindmarsh's barrister said she had already given him advice, but asked for another consultation with him, and he later changed his plea to guilty.

Judge Morris told him: "you have been sensible. You would not have stood a cat in hell's chance in front of a jury.

"You have time to put your affairs in order. Police chases nearly always end in custody."

Hindmarsh, of Wycombe Street South Back, admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, damaging property, affray and driving without a licence.

The police chase in Darlington took in, among others, Stanhope Road North, Woodland Road, West Auckland Road and Cockerton Green.

The CCTV showed Hindmarsh getting out of the Mini Cooper he was driving and running after another car after their wing mirrors clipped each other.

He smashed a window in the other vehicle, seemed to go back to his then turn around and chase it again on two occasions.