OFFICERS from Durham and Northumbria Police are conducting a search for missing person Alex Johnson as his family and supporters scour the Tyne looking for him.

Alex, from the Chester-le-Street area, was last seen by CCTV operators on the Tyne Bridge on Tuesday, April 16.

The 24-year-old is believed to have been wearing grey jogging trousers and blue trainers.

Heartbroken loved ones gathered at the Swing Bridge on Saturday morning before spreading out to search the river, with efforts focusing on the river banks from Byker through to Newburn.

His sister Ashleigh Marr, 29, has been at the river everyday looking for her brother.

In a Facebook message shared thousands of times in a matter of hours after it was uploaded on Friday, Ms Marr wrote: "If anyone has any spare time or is in the area - even for just half an hour.

"We are so desperate to get him out of that dark river and bring him into the light... It's time to bring him home. Don't look towards the buildings on your walk - look towards the water."

A Durham Police spokesperson said: "Search efforts are currently being focused on the Tyne River, and Alex’s family are grateful for any help or information that can be offered.

"Anybody with any information relating to Alex’s whereabouts is asked to contact Durham Police on 101, quoting incident number 17 of April 16."