A YOUNG sheep has been destroyed after being savaged by a loose dog at popular beauty spot, Roseberry Topping.

The dog attack was the second in just 24 hours yesterday, according to the farmer.

Now the National Trust, which owns the land at the well known landmark, has urged all dog walkers to ensure their animals are kept on leads, especially throughout the busy Easter weekend.

Farmer Kath Phelp, who lives at Aireyholme Farm in the shadow of Roseberry Topping, shared a photograph of her bloodied sheep yesterday and said: "This is the tragic consequence of a person letting their dog off the lead while walking on Roseberry Topping this afternoon.

"The dog ran into a field where sheep were grazing and attacked this young sheep. A vet was called but sadly the injuries were so severe the sheep had to be destroyed. The owner of the dog at least came to the farm and confessed, there are still some honest people.

"This is the second attack (in a day).

"Thanks to all the good people who alerted us to the incident, some really went out of their way to help.

"Please keep your dogs on a lead, this walk resulted in the needless loss of life."

A National Trust spokesperson said: "We’re really saddened to see this has happened, and our sympathies are with our neighbours.

"As yet, we haven’t had confirmation of the exact location but we understand this happened close to Roseberry Topping, so we’d urge visitors coming to the area to keep their dogs on leads at all times.  

"It’s important to always keep a dog on the lead when visiting the countryside, but especially so at this time of year – in the midst of lambing season, and the return of ground nesting birds - to help prevent unnecessary incidents like this.”