A JUDGE has given a banned motorist his promise that if he flouts his driving ban again he will send him to jail.

The warning was given to roofer Jonathan Liddell after he was caught at the wheel of a work van on the A688 roundabout, at St Helen Auckland, on January 26.

Durham Crown Court heard that Liddell, 27, told the officer: “I’m banned”.

The defendant, of Grange Avenue, Auckland Park, admitted driving while disqualified, without insurance and breaching a suspended sentence order.

Victoria Lamballe, prosecuting, said his previous offences, include dangerous driving, for which he received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, with an 18-month driving ban, in August 2017.

Andrew Finlay, for Liddell, said the defendant arranged for an employee of his roofing business to drive for him, but was let down that day and so took the risk to drive.

Judge Jonathan Carroll said: “I’m sure when he’s not driving he’s a decent, hard-working bloke, but when is he going to learn?”

Giving Liddell a “final chance” he imposed a ten-week prison sentence, suspended for eight months for the latest offences, plus a further 12-months driving ban.

But Judge Carroll told Liddell: “You’ve now had every possible chance and if you come back before me for any breaches, I promise you will be going to custody.”