A MAJOR landmark has been removed from its site on the North York Moors following growing concerns from landowners and residents.

The Seated Man sculpture, which was created by Sean Henry, was installed at Castleton Rigg on the North York Moors in June 2017.

Original planning permission meant that the sculpture was guaranteed to exist on the site for at least five years, until 2023.

But after concerns over erosion to the land surrounding the 10ft sculpture, parking problems and excessive litter dropping, it was agreed that the sculpture would be removed.

One Castleton resident said "it was the right time" for the sculpture's removal.

Jane Trow said: "There were too many people spoiling it by littering, lots of bags of dog dirt left where sheep were wandering.

The Northern Echo:

The Seated Man by Mick Harle of The Northern Echo Camera Club

Ms Trow added that "inconsiderate parking" from visitors trying to find a suitable parking space had caused significant damage to verges in the village.

"Inconsiderate parking causing a lot of damage to verges.

"It certainly got people talking as to whether it was liked or not.

"It got many people out walking in the countryside which I loved.

"I feel sorry to see it go however I do feel like it was the right time."

The North York Moors National Park Authority said the Seated Man's removal was a mutual-decision between the landowner and creator.

The Northern Echo:

The Seated Man's view by Michael Atkinson of The Northern Echo Camera Club

Chris France, director of planning at the North York Moors National Park Authority, said: “Planning permission had been granted for the sculpture to be in place for five years, and although this permission was not due for renewal until 2023, his overwhelming popularity was leading to moorland erosion, litter and parking issues, which were causing concern for local landowners."

The sculpture, which attracted hundreds of visitors per week, is set to relocate around 80 miles away in West Yorkshire. Mr France added: "The owners of the sculpture have decided it is time to relocate it to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – where he will be in the company of other internationally renowned sculptures." Ms Trow added: "I hope that we can have something similar in future – but maybe near a litter bin."