POLICE officers on new electronic bikes will be seen pedalling around their patch.

Chester-le-Street Police has got two new E-bikes with the force crest emblazoned across the frames.

The new transport has been made possible with help from Chester-le-Street Area Action Partnership.

A spokesman for the force said: “We have taken delivery of two new E-bikes at Chester-le-Street.

“They are all marked up and will be used on a daily basis by the team here and at Pelton.

“You can expect to see us in the more remote areas, using the bridleways and railway paths. The community have told us that they want us to be more visible in these areas tackling off road motorcycle nuisance, rural crimes, such as poaching, anti-social behaviour and criminal access to these paths.

“They will also prove useful when searching the more rural areas for vulnerable missing persons. “Officers on foot are limited in terms of the area that they can cover, whilst traditional push bikes come with their own challenges due to the hilly area we police.

“The bikes will be used day and night so for those who go out overnight to commit crime, don’t think you’ll hear us approaching.”