I’VE been in the scrap metal industry for some 45 years. It is totally illegal for me to pay cash for any metal, even if it is just 10p.

This is supposed to be a deterrent to thieves.

We take photographic ID, we note registration numbers and pay via bank or cheque, which suits me as I don’t have to carry large amounts of cash.

But then I watch a TV programme about the fraudulent activity connected to online banking and card payments.

Cybercrime is far bigger than metal theft ever was. Now by the touch of a button or a phone call from the fraudsters, people lose their life savings and companies could go to the wall. My trust in banks is zero.

Someone takes money out of your account you have to prove it wasn’t you while you are being treated as a criminal.

This modern cashless way of paying has reduced the number of banks and the number of bank staff and so there is less security.

It’s a despicable situation caused by greedy, money-grabbing banks.

John Cumberland, Rushyford