AN ARMY regiment has celebrated its 80th anniversary with a special picture taken at Richmond Castle.

Captain Blake Heslop-Charman said: “The picture was my idea. Because our barracks are so close to Richmond, we have quite a bond with the small market town.

"Also, the Regiment always has its full regimental pictures taken with the castle as the backdrop and so it made sense.

"I thought having our soldiers make an 80 with the castle backdrop and the views over North Yorkshire would work well as we are after all, Yorkshire and Ireland’s Cavalry.

"The real focus is on what we were celebrating: 80 years of the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) being in existence.

"Our Regiment goes back to the 17th century but it was 80 years ago now that the RAC came into being formally."

The RAC encompasses all cavalry regiments in the British Army such as heavy tanks, reconnaissance armoured fighting vehicles and light cavalry.

The RAC is the lead for all Mounted Close Combat soldiering in the British Army.