A MAN who breached the terms of his licence after release from a long prison sentence was at large, undetected, for a further three months, a court was told.

Scott Thompson only came to the attention of authorities again as a result of a public order incident at a social club in Consett, on Christmas Eve, last year.

Durham Crown Court heard he gave false details when arrested at the Steel Club, in Medomsley Road, and was detained in custody.

Sam Faulks, prosecuting, told the court it was only following further inquiries that his true identity came to light and it was discovered he was subject to recall to prison.

Mr Faulks said Thompson was jailed for seven years with five years extended licence period at the court in March 2012, for a knife slash attack on a man during disorder at a funeral wake, in Tow Law, the previous September.

He was released in March last year, but remains on licence until September 2023, on condition that he attends supervision appointments and informs his supervising probation officer of any developing relationships.

Mr Faulks said on September 27 last year the officer made an unannounced visit to an address in West Cornforth where Thompson was staying with a girlfriend, who confirmed he was living there, but was not present.

It was considered an unacceptable breach of his licence terms and he was recalled to prison.

Despite efforts to contact him, there was no response to phone calls and he failed to attend an appointment with his supervising officer.

His parents were contacted and confirmed he was aware he was subject to recall.

Mr Faulks added that Thompson was “at large” for almost a further three months before his Christmas Eve arrest.

Thompson, 33, formerly of Consett, admitted remaining unlawfully at large after prison recall.

Michael Hodson, mitigating, told the court when Thompson pleaded guilty he conceded he knew he was to be recalled from the beginning of October, having been informed by his partner.

Imposing a further six-month prison sentence, Judge Jonathan Carroll told Thompson: “It’s clear from the evidence that within 24 hours of the probation officer attending the house where you were living that you knew you had been recalled and made no effort to hand yourself in.

“So, you were at large for approximately three months.”