A JURY has ruled that a carer who was accidentally recorded on a Buzz Lightyear toy calling a disabled teenager a c*** and a f***er was not guilty of ill-treating him.

Robert Organ was unanimously cleared by the jury after just 90 minutes deliberation – and he angrily insisted as he left that the case should never have reached court.

Although he admitted using the words and apologised for them, he argued that it was clear from his tone that he was not being aggressive towards the teenager.

The jury had to decide whether the words amounted to ill-treatment of of a person lacking capacity, even though he did not understand their exact meaning.

After walking free, 33-year-old Mr Organ, of Windermere Avenue, Redcar, said: “Being a care worker is a really hard job, harder than most people realise.

“This could have been a disciplinary matter that everyone could learn from. But instead I’ve had to wait for 18 months for a criminal case brought against me. It should never have got this far.”

In his original statement to the police, he said: “I do not believe that he was offended by my stupid comments and I deny any wrongdoing to a criminal standard.”

During his closing speech, defence barrister Paul Abrahams told the jury: “You’re not here to sit in judgement of whether it is inappropriate to use bad language. I doubt anyone in this courtroom, especially the defendant, thinks what he said was not inappropriate.

“But your role is to determine whether this defendant has committed a criminal offence. Do those words amount to ill-treatment.”

He added: “People do make mistakes. Yes his comments were inappropriate. Yes, unprofessional – but, I submit, not the criminal offence of ill-treatment.”

The care home resident, who was 18 but has the mental age of an 18-month-old, kept his Toy Story 3 Kidizoom with him at all times.

It has an in-built video camera and by chance the profoundly disabled teen had pushed the record button just before Mr Organ entered the room.

It picked up Mr Organ saying: “F***ing move or I’ll rip your feet off” to the boy, Teesside Crown Court was told.

He was also heard to say “stop being a prick” and saying of the teenager “he’s a f***er” in a sing-song voice.

At one point he is also heard to tell him: “Lift your feet up, lazy c***.”

He made no reply to police questions, but read out a statement, which said: “He is demanding and challenging and in the past has assaulted me on a number of occasions. His is physically strong and aggressive on occasions. I have never mistreated him or any other service-user. I accept my language was not appropriate but at no time did I believe he was neglected or ill-treated.”