THE Green Party in Darlington have launched their council election campaign with a visit from of the national co-leaders.

Siân Berry visited a number of venues across the town as members prepare to stand in the Darlington Borough Council elections on May 2.

Matthew Snedker, local party coordinator, said the party will be standing candidates in all wards of Darlington Borough Council.

Mr Snedker, along with Bryony Holroyd, will both stand in College ward as the Green Party sets out on its campaign to secure seats on the local authority.

The Northern Echo:

Matthew Snedker with Green Party co-leader Siân Berry

He said: “It is a clear sign of the confidence that the party has in our group when one of the leaders helps us to launch our campaign.

“We will be putting candidates into all of the wards and we will be listening to the people of the area to hear what they want from the council.

“People are looking for an alternative party to support and that is exactly what we will be providing when we are out speaking to people.”

Launching the campaign, Ms Berry, who is a member of the London Assembly and the only Green Party councillor on Camden Council, representing Highgate, said voters are now looking for a genuine alternative the mainstream parties.

She said: “We have found that people are turning to the Green Party because they are wanting something different, people are fed up with the main parties and the Brexit shambles has shown that they not working any longer.

“We are growing all the time and we are confident that we will be able to secure seats on councils around the country.”