A CAMPAIGN to remove 'anti-bird' netting has come to an end.

Earlier this week, wildlife activists celebrated when housing developer Homes By Esh agreed to take down netting from trees at a site on Edward Pease Way, near West Park, Darlington.

The protest group, which initiated a 'NO2NET' campaign after finding a dead dunnock at the site on March 20, have spent the last two weeks holding vigils against the use of nets.

The Northern Echo:

On Wednesday, March 27, the campaigners expressed their joy when they returned to the site to find all the nets had been taken down.

Kendra Ullyart, leading the campaign, said she was pleased with the quick outcome of their protest.

She said: “Last Sunday we had a meeting with members of Darlington Friends of Earth, Love Darlo Trees and other local groups and concerned individuals.

"We observed 330 metres of netting and on one side there was 100 breached with holes in the netting. These holes were large enough for a football or an animal to fit through and potentially be caught.

"On Monday morning I sent a letter to Darlington Borough Council leaders and asked them if they would kindly intervene.

“On Tuesday evening I had a reply to say that the nets were coming down and by Wednesday morning they had gone.

"I did not expect so quick a result, but I am pleased with Darlington Borough Council for their swift intervention."

In recent weeks, the practice of using nets to deter birds has caused national outrage, as incidences of trapped wildlife have been reported across the UK.

The method is sometimes used by developers in advance of potential construction as the nesting season can delay building processes for several months.

In the UK it is an offence to remove or destroy active nests of wild birds

A spokesperson from Homes by Esh said: “We can confirm that the nets at West Park have now been removed and will not be reinstated.”

Ms Ullyart added: "I am pleased with the result but I continue to be concerned.

"The nets mark hedgerows that will be removed. There’s still 330m of mature hedgerow that will be removed for development."

A Darlington Borough Council spokesman said: “We confirm there has been communication between Ms Ullyart and officers from the council.”