North-East acting icon Tim Healy is heading to Middlesbrough next month for a special charity event, and the TV star has told of his mixed memories of working in the town back in 2001 while filming a memorable TV series.

Healy will be appearing with BBC Tees radio presenter Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough at the Dormans Club in Middlesbrough on Friday, April 12.

During ‘An Evening with Tim Healy’ he will be performing some of his favourite music and telling his inspirational story of reaching the very top of his career, and anecdotes of the many stars he has worked alongside.

Following his Teesside appearance, Healy will be getting ready to work through the spring and early summer on the new series of Still Open All Hours, set for BBC 1 later this year. He plays the role of Gastric, alongside his great friend David Jason in the comedy series.

He said: “It will be lovely to be back in the Boro. I spent a few months there in 2001 when we recorded the third series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet - myself and the boys had some great fun in town and we made many friends on Teesside.

“I still drop by to see some old pals around the patch. My great friend, comedian Peter De Dee still lives in Yarm and we go back a long way – back to the days when we were both starting out as a comedians. We were just scraping a living then – but we loved it.

“Those couple of months recording Auf Wiedersehen Pet and the dismantling of the Transporter Bridge will always be very special to myself, and I know Jimmy Naill and the lads often recall the laughs we shared working on the Tranny Bridge and round the docks.

“So many people from across the country and beyond called over to see us recording that particular series. Those days of playing Dennis – the gaffer - have served many of us well and people still love to watch the shows to this day!’’

He added: “Whenever I see the replay of the heartbreak re the news of 9/11 in America it takes me right back to the dock side of the Transporter.

“We were recording one of the shows and the team was receiving the shocking news on his phone – we were devastated and quit the recording there and then.

“We were all very much in a daze, confused and upset as the news began to pour out of America and the World Trade Centre disaster.

“It still breaks my heart to watch it on the news to this day. It was an unforgettable moment and the bridge is clear in my mind as I recall it – so very sad.

Healy continued: “On the brighter side, when the series aired on the telly so many people headed to the Boro to double check that the bridge had not been dismantled and taken to be rebuilt in Arizona!

“It makes me chuckle that people still to this day think that it actually happened. I was working on the Benidorm TV series recently and some people were asking if it was really true that we took down the bridge – you couldn’t make it up!’’

The series was set in Boro and Arizona, the Magnificent Seven coming back together for a return of the iconic 80s series.

Healy added: “Another great memory was when we first arrived on set and they walked us across the Tees via the top of the construction.

“It was an awesome view and we returned back up there many times over the months in town. It seems to be thriving in 2019 with new added attractions and they say that the TV exposure has played a part in being known in other parts of the world – if that is the case, then I’m really chuffed to have played just a small part in it.’’

Gough recently hosted a successful Evening With Tim Healy on Tyneside and the actor said: “Goffy, suggested it would be a good idea to head back to town and recall those days of working around Middlesbrough docks and ‘over the border’, and look back at the many people I have been fortunate to work with as my career continues, plus perform songs that I have grown to love over the years.

“Music is a big love of mine and I am loving watching the progress of my son Matty in his band The 1975.

“I was so very proud of what he has achieved and it was sheer magic to see the awards the lads received at the Brits a few weeks ago.

“For my show I will also be performing ‘That’s Livin’ Alright’, the theme from Auf Wiedersehen Pet.’’

The night will have added poignancy as Healy will make a donation from proceeds to his dear friend David Whitaker, who he found Newcastle's famous Live Theatre Company with in 1973.

North-East born actor David was left in need of constant care after a stroke in 2012 and since then Healy has hosted a number of fundraising events in his honour, including an annual celebrity charity golf day in the region which has raised thousands.

He said: said "David is a brilliant fella, he’s a brilliant actor, and I’m lucky to be in a position to help him with events like the one in Middlesbrough next month. Charity is a massive part of my life these days, and the ‘Sunday for Sammy’ concerts continue to give me a real thrill re the funds we raise for aspiring youngsters in our area.’’

Tickets for An Evening with Tim Healy at the Dormans Club, on Friday, April 11th from 8pm are priced at £15 and available at by calling 07990 - 588424 or from the Dormans Club, Oxford Road, Middlesbrough.