A MAN jailed for making knife threats to a bar manager was found in possession of an improvised weapon three days into his prison sentence, a court heard.

Arron Mark Graham, who was starting a 16-month sentence, had to be restrained by prison officers following a disturbance within days of being admitted to Durham Prison, last April.

But, on being checked, he was said to have a piece of wood with a sharpened end tucked into his waist band.

Durham Crown Court heard he refused to be interviewed, but was only charged with possession of a sharply pointed object in prison, and given a postal court requisition, in January this year, a month after his release on licence midway through his sentence.

The 24-year-old defendant, of Weardale Road, Carlisle, failed to appear at the court for the scheduled plea hearing in the case.

Following a request by prosecuting counsel, Chris Baker, Judge Christopher Prince agreed to issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest, not backed with bail.