A TRIAL date has been set for the case of two local men accused of carrying out the robbery of a student on Durham’s riverbanks.

Lewis James Benson and Michael Boyes Lonergan are alleged to have waylaid the Durham University student near a riverside boat house, on October 13, last year.

They were then said to have frisked him, before punching him and taking his wallet and mobile phone.

The defendants were linked to the crime through dna lifts taken from the injured party’s clothing, specifically the internal surfaces of his pockets, following the incident.

But the defence lawyer representing both of the defendants, Ian Finlay, told Durham Crown Court there is to be an application to dismiss the case against them due to the perceived inadequacy of the dna evidence, low copy number profiling, involved.

In setting a timetable for the case progress, Judge Christopher Prince said the dismissal application would be incorporated into the scheduling.

A trial date was set for Tuesday July 9, for a hearing expected to last for two days, but that will be dependent on the outcome of the dismissal application, which will go before Recorder Peter Atherton a fortnight earlier.

The defendants, Mr Benson, 22, of Onslow Terrace, Langley Moor, and 24-year-old Mr Lonergan, of Worcester Road, Durham, were bailed to return for the dismissal application hearing, on June 27.