COUNCILLORS have called for a review of car parking in residential areas of Darlington borough after claiming vehicles being left on grass verges and pavements has become “a major issue”.

Members of Darlington Borough Council’s efficiency and resources scrutiny committee said inconsiderate and poor parking outside homes had become one of the most common issues residents complained to them about.

Councillor Charles Johnson said the authority’s officers had been involved in discussions for more than two years over what action could be taken.

The committee’s chairman, Councillor Ian Haszeldine said he had been left frustrated following conversations with the council’s highways department and the police over parking on verges. He said: “One says it’s not our problem, the other says it’s not their problem, but at the end of the day it’s everybody’s problem. We do need a clear policy, whether it is allowed or not. It is an offence to park your vehicle on a footpath, it’s national law.”

Councillors said at one point the authority had a policy of hardening the verges so people could park on them and now was putting fences around verges to prevent parking.