AN ABUSIVE 27-year-old who stamped on and fractured his girlfriend’s elbow before kicking her in the head as she lay bleeding has been jailed for 18 months.

Danford Peters grew jealous of his partner after the pair spent time drinking in Newcastle and began arguing about a mutual friend. He then demanded she give him the passcode to her mobile phone, threatening to “hit” her if she refused.

Teesside Crown Court heard yesterday how Peters lashed out at his girlfriend in December last year, kicking her in the back of the head and stamping down on her arm so hard it left a footprint.

The court heard the woman could feel “blood trickling” from the back of her head after being forced to the ground and eventually managed to escape and retrieve her phone from Peters.

No evidence was offered by the prosecution relating to a similar report of domestic violence dating back to July 2018, when Peters’ partner sustained a fractured elbow.

Peters denied causing grievous bodily harm on that occasion, but pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm over the assault on December 29.

In a victim impact statement read aloud in court yesterday, Peters’ abused partner said: “As a result of the assault, my head has hurt for many days after and I have constant headaches.

“I was emotionally all over the place and I tried to keep as busy as I can – it’s all I can do to stop thinking about it. I know now that I have to choose between my family and Danford.

“I just hope that Danford gets help for his drug and mental health problems.”

Ahead of his sentencing, Judge James Brown was told Peters, of Middlesbrough, was in breach of a nine-month suspended sentence handed out handed out last January. He has previously been convicted over slapping a club doorman and possession with intent to supply class B and class C drugs, as well as the production of class B drugs.

Robert Mochrie, Peters’ lawyer, said his client was remanded in custody following the attack in December and has been described as “a model inmate” in his two-and-a-half-month imprisonment.

A statement from Peters’ tutor in prison stated he is “making plans to move forward”, with Peters himself adding he is “upset and distressed” by his actions and has embarrassed himself.

Judge Brown addressed Peters in the dock and said: “You committed what I regard as a serious offence – you struck her, you kicked her to the head and when she was on the ground, you kicked her in the head with your foot and you’re very lucky indeed that her injuries were not more serious than it was.”

Peters was jailed for 14 months for causing actual bodily harm and his previously suspended sentence was activated, bringing his total jail time to 18 months.

He is also subject to a five-year restraining order.