WARNING notices have been sprayed at the entrance to parks where a number of dog attacks have been reported.

Darlington Borough Council has taken the step after several incidents in the Denes area of town in the last few weeks.

The authority has warned dog owners that they face having their dog seized if it is 'dangerously' out of control.

As a result, dog owners are being told to ensure their pet is on a lead whenever they are in the Denes.

In one incident at Border Collie – Cooper – was shaken like a ‘ragdoll’ by Pit Bull-type dog while being taken for a walk through the through the play park Dene.

Although Cooper wasn't severely injured, Jade Robson-Cross said he would have been traumatised by the unprovoked attack.

The dog suffered several injuries as a result of the attack and the owner of the other was spoken to by police about the incident.

Dog walkers in the area welcomed the council's move.

Brian Dowson, who was walking his Jack Russell, said: "Hopefully this will help sort the problem out of dogs running around off their leads but it remains to be seen whether people will take any notice of the signs.

"I always have my dog on a lead whenever I'm walking him in the park."

A Darlington Borough Council spokesman said the authority was taking the problem seriously and is warning people to keep their pets on a lead.

He said: “A police officer or dog warden may seize a banned or dangerously out of control dog.

“To report a dangerous dog, call police on 101 or the council’s dog wardens on 01325 405111.”

Earlier this month the same park was targeted by arsonists who set alight bags of rubbish that had been collected by a team of volunteers.

Anti-social behaviour can be reported to the Darlington Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or to the Council’s Civic Enforcement Team on 01325-406999.