A GROUP of pro-EU supporters from the region joined together to urge MP's to vote against a no-deal Brexit.

The Yorkshire for Europe campaign group, whose members are from North Yorkshire, travelled to London on Wednesday, February 27, to campaign outside the Houses of Parliament for three hours.

Yorkshire flags and placards, which advertised against a no deal outcome, were specially-created for their campaign.

Richard Sadler, chair of North Yorkshire for Europe, said: “This has gone on long enough – and the longer it goes on the greater the damage to our economy and to the future prospects for ordinary people."

Experts anticipate that a no-deal Brexit could cause huge delays at ports across Britain.

Mr Sadler added: “Business, industry and farming in Yorkshire and across the country are already suffering serious damage while big, multinational companies are diverting billions of pounds of investment away from the UK – a country that used to have a good reputation as a place to do business.”

On Thursday, HM Revenue and Customs said they had set out 'three steps' that businesses should take to minimise potential disruption.

The financial secretary to the Treasury Mel Stride MP said: “We are specifically advising businesses to take some simple steps to be prepare.

"Step-by-step advice can be accessed via GOV.UK – the help is there, we just need business owners to take action.”