SEVERAL of the region’s MPs have expressed an opinion on the issue of a second Brexit referendum.

Helen Goodman, Bishop Auckland (Lab)

“I’ll be voting for Labour’s frontbench amendment, this proposes a Brexit that will protect jobs and industry in the North East and presents a true alternative to the Prime Minister’s unpopular deal. If this amendment doesn’t get a majority, I’ll be voting for Yvette Cooper’s amendment to extend article 50. If Parliament can’t agree on a deal after this, a second referendum may be needed.”

Kevan Jones, North Durham (Lab)

“I do not support a second referendum. No deal would be disastrous for the North-East’s economy and is not one I would support. To avoid such a situation it is inevitable that Article 50 will have to be extended either by Parliament or the Government.”

Roberta Blackman-Woods, City of Durham (Lab)

“I would vote for whatever I think is going to ensure that we don’t leave the EU without a deal. But there is little to commend the Prime Minister’s deal so we will probably need an extension to Article 50 and a negotiation of a better deal that should go back to the people for a decision if that breaks any impasse that occurs.”

Simon Clarke, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland (Con)

“Labour have been shaping up to try to overturn the decision of millions of northern voters for some time. Those voters will, rightly, feel bitterly betrayed.”

Paul Williams, Stockton South (Lab)

“If the Commons can’t agree then we think that the public should have a chance to have a say. I will be campaigning to stay in the European Union. There is no deal that is better than the one we currently have.”

Kevin Hollinrake, Thirsk and Malton (Con)

“I am not in favour of a People’s vote as I firmly believe that the decision to leave the EU has been taken and then ratified in the 2017 election when both main parties included leaving the EU in their manifestos. The negotiations are not yet over and Mrs May is working around the clock to agree a deal that has the backing of a majority of MPs. I still believe that she will succeed and so there will be no need to leave the EU without a deal.

“I have always believed that we should support the Prime Minister, because, in my view, her deal gives Parliament control over immigration, our laws and our money whilst protecting businesses and jobs.

“This is what I have always done and I am encouraging my colleagues to do likewise.”

Rishi Sunak, Richmond (Con)

Declined to comment, but as a minister he has to stick to the official Government line

Catherine McKinnell, Newcastle upon Tyne North (Lab)

“Once again, the PM has decided – rather than take an ‘actual’ decision on the biggest issue facing our country since WW2 – to put the inevitable off…once again.

“She couldn’t even tell me today what she would use any extension of Article 50 for – but there is one very clear, democratic option available to her. Time to end this deadlock and uncertainty once & for all and just go back to the public for a #FinalSay #PeoplesVote.”