A local company is helping businesses to increase productivity, cut costs, and save the planet, by encouraging them to change over to the lighting of the future – LED.

LED Supply and Fit, on the Newton Aycliffe Industrial Estate, is leading the way in the changeover from traditional, less-efficient lighting, to using light-emitting diodes (LED).

Whatever your business, poor lighting can create safety hazards, affect quality of work, and have a detrimental effect on employees. Complaints about eyestrain are common, as are accidents happening in badly-lit areas.

A simple, and cost-effective solution is the installation of LED lighting.

On average, UK businesses use up to 35 per cent of their electricity consumption just on lighting. Switching to LED can reduce this element by up to an amazing 90 per cent – so, not only does it increase workplace productivity - LED lighting can reduce business costs too.

And the environment benefits too:

  • 95 per cent of the energy in LEDs is converted into light, and only 5 per cent wasted as heat
  • No toxic elements help protect the environment when disposed of
  • Fewer lights are needed, so reduces energy consumption
  • Longer life span means lower carbon emissions

The clever people at S M Thompson, on Teesside, saw the light and realised the long-term potential in switching. With the help of LED Supply and Fit, they are now saving more than £500 every month, with an annual total of nearly £7,000 across their premises.

LED Supply and Fit carried out an initial, free survey, and demonstrated exactly where S M Thompson would cut their lighting costs, and create a safer working environment.

Good for the workforce; good for the budget; and good for the environment.

Even better was the fact that LED Supply and Fit is the preferred supplier for the Tees Valley Business Compass, which meant that S M Thompson could take advantage of a 33 per cent Capital Contribution, receiving £5,385 towards the LED installation.

Work didn’t have to stop at the site to carry out the installation – LED Supply and Fit worked around the busy industrial warehouse, completing the whole job in seven days.

With funding of up to 33 per cent available to qualifying businesses, it makes sense to speak to LED Supply and Fit.

Their team of dedicated professionals can help with any project or service that will help your home or work place become more energy efficient, and they offer only the best-branded, tested and guaranteed LED products on the market, sourced from leading UK Manufacturers.

For any LED queries, demonstrations, orders and project needs, give the customer service team a call on 01388 814089.


LED Supply and Fit, 14 Evans Business Centre, Durham Way South, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham, DL5 6ZF