A HANDFUL of North-East MPs took to Twitter following the resignation of seven Labour MPs over anti-Semitism and bullying within their party.

Here's what they had to say: 

Anna Turley, Redcar MP

The Northern Echo:

"Very disappointing news that some colleagues are leaving. Instead of demanding loyalty with gimmicky pledges perhaps the leadership should ask itself why decent hardworking moderate MPs feel there is no place for them in our Party. Leadership must listen on Brexit and Anti-Semitism."

Sharon Hodgson, Washington & Sunderland West MP

"This is a very sad day in the history of our Party and whilst I respect and understand why the 7 have reached their decision, for me the Labour Party is my Party in the same way my family is my family and I can't envisage any circumstances that would make me leave.

The Northern Echo:

Sharon Hodgson, left, pictured with Bridgit Phillipson, centre, and Julie Elliott, right 

"I stood on a very strong and popular manifesto in 2017. A manifesto that would have changed the lives of the people I represent for the better.

"I respect the efforts of Jeremy Corbyn, who is trying to find a way through Brexit looking after and protecting the jobs and living standards of the people of Washington, Sunderland and the wider UK."

Bridget Phillipson, Houghton and Sunderland South MP

"Today, above all else, I feel desperately sad. I owe so many of the chances I’ve had in life to the work of Labour activists and Labour governments. I’m not leaving the party I love."

Catherine McKinnell, Newcastle Upon Tyne North MP

"7 of my respected, hard-working friends & former Labour colleagues leaving is v painful & sad. Things have to change. We need urgent action to eradicate antisemitism, genuine leadership on Brexit to give the public a final say & an end to bullying & intolerance in our politics."

Jonathan Arnott, North-East MEP

The Northern Echo:

"If Labour has become anti-Semitic, then MPs should speak up first privately, then publicly, then resign once hope is lost. That's honourable. 

"However, they were elected on a Manifesto to deliver upon the referendum. Not by resigning, but by opposing Brexit, they betray mandates."