YOUNG people drinking alcohol and misbehaving in a County Durham village are being warned police are taking a zero tolerance approach.

Officers are aware of youths from the local area gathering in Sedgefield in possession of alcohol and causing nuisance to members of the community.

A spokesman for Durham Constabulary said: "As always there will be a zero tolerance approach taken in respect of this.

"Anyone found to be causing antisocial behaviour in the area will be dealt with robustly."

Police action may include being issued with a direction to disperse, referrals made to social services, parents issued with warnings and community protection warnings issued preventing individuals from being in Sedgefield centre at certain times.

The spokesman said: "Children found in possession of alcohol will be removed to a place of safety and parents will be required to collect them and speak with the police sergeant or inspector.

"Social services referrals will always be made where children are found in possession of alcohol.

"Those who have been spoken to recently are majority from the Sedgefield area. "Police would urge parents, carers and guardians to take an active part helping to deter such behaviours within the local community."