A COUPLE believed to be the longest married in their community have won Valentine's Day goodies from their local superstore.

After searching for Stanley’s longest wed couple in the run up to Valentine’s Day, Asda named John and Hazel Emberson the winners – with a marriage lasting over 61 years.

The couple met in 1952 at their local dance, where a 15-year-old John plucked up the courage to asked 16-year-old Hazel for a dance.

After courting for five years, they married in Stanley and began a loving family, which now stretches to two children and three grandchildren.

As a celebration of the Emberson’s long marriage, they have won £100 work of of luxurious Valentine’s themed items from Asda.

The pair’s granddaughter, Ashleigh Scott, who entered them into the competition.

Hazel said: “We’re so surprised to have won, but very pleased. Asda has made us feel very special and this is a Valentine’s Day to remember.

"It also happens to be my birthday, and Asda has helped to make it a wonderful day full of love.”

Marsha Spence, community colleague at Asda Stanley, said: “It’s lovely to be able to celebrate love at this time of year."