A COUNTY Durham tarmacer with a secret passion for writing has published his first book, which was inspired by his little brother.

Kane Jones, from Sherburn Village, near Durham, wrote Evan’s Extraordinary Friends to try and give children a better understanding of disabilities.

It was inspired by his brother Evan, who is 16 and has Down’s syndrome.

The 23-year-old said: “Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed doing but no-one really knows about it.

“I always wanted to write a book, especially writing about disabilities because it was something personal to me.

“I thought it could be something to help teach a younger generation about disabilities.”

The illustrated story book stars Evan, and fictional friends Dexter, who is in a wheelchair, Penny, who has a hearing impairment, and Molly.

The Northern Echo:

New writer Kane Jones, from Sherburn Village, near Durham

It features six short stories about Evan and his friends and the adventures they get up to.

Mr Jones added: “It’s based on Evan when he was a bit younger. He and his friends get up to a few little adventures.

“I didn’t want to write stories which were just about disabilities. I didn’t want them to come across as a negative thing.

“When I started writing I realised what a sensitive subject it was.”

He added: “It’s gone pretty well so far. I’ve had quite a few messages from people saying they might take it into schools and we’re looking at giving some talks.”

The father-of-two, who has been writing the book for the last two years, said: “I’m quite an unconventional author but it’s a hidden passion.

“I have two little girls and nowadays a lot of the books have a bit of education in them. But there’s still not much about disabilities.

The Northern Echo:

Brothers Evan, 16, and Kane Jones, 23

“If I can target younger kids and teach them about disabilities at a young age maybe they won’t be confused when they see other children who are different and won’t stare so much.

“When Evan was growing up people would stare when we were out. The hardest thing was not knowing why.

“I just feel that if we target a younger generation then we can show it’s not out of the ordinary.”

Evan, who is a pupil at Durham Trinity School, said he had enjoyed seeing himself recreated in print.

He added: “It’s brilliant.”

The book, which was illustrated by Dan Harris, is available to buy from Amazon. It is priced at £5.99.