A GROUP of kind-hearted bikers are taking part in an amateur boxing night to stick up for victims of bullying.

A charity boxing evening has been organised by the North-East Bikers Against Bullies to help vulnerable young people.

It is being held at Pelton Community Centre in Chester-le-Street on January 26.

Grant Robson, one of the organisers, who is also taking part, said: “We want to show these kids they are not on their own.

“I am going to go through the emotional pain, the physical barrier and the mental stress to get into that ring to fight to show these kids that they can overcome challenges.

“I have never done anything like this before so it is a new experience for me.”

Members of the group are training at the Craig Style Fighting System where coach Alan Craig teaches kickboxing.

Some of his students have been victims of bullying themselves and will benefit from money raised through the fight night.

Mr Craig said he hoped to raise around £3,000 from the evening, which includes a series of bouts.

Mr Robson said: “Those fighting are all members of North-East Bikers Against Bullies. They are all just normal people willing to raise money for charity.

“The money raised is going to Alan Craig who does the kick boxing classes and he will be donating to kids he has been working with who are getting bullied.

“Instead of going through a charity and having bits taken off we are making sure that whatever is donated will go directly to help those who need it and everyone is doing it off their own back.

“It is going towards the youngsters, those that are actually being bullied. Alan Craig has already sent two kids off to Disneyland. The idea is to give them a treat.”

Mr Robson, who is third on the bill, said everyone taking part is completing a 12 week training programme to get them ready to step inside the ring.

He said: “On the night our members will be fighting each other and it goes off their weight and their ability.

“Each person taking part has dedicated their time and effort to doing the training.”

The £20 entry price includes drinks on the table and tickets can be booked through the group’s Facebook page or by calling Mr Robson on 0754-008-8450.