A BIG Brother star has been giving away haircuts at an event held at a pop-up foodbank.

Anthony Hutton, from Consett who won Big Brother in 2005 and also owns Mr Hutton’s Barber and Bar in Darlington, gave up some of his time to offer a fresh trim for people in need.

The charity event, which was organised by Food for Thought, was held at the North Road Methodist Church in Darlington. It encouraged people of all circumstances to attend a three-course meal entirely prepared by volunteers.

Nearly 2,000 food items at the pop-up foodbank were donated to the organisation from supermarkets Marks and Spencer, The Co-Operative and the Clervaux farm near Darlington.

Speaking at the event Mr Hutton said: “I hope I put a smile on people's faces because a haircut just makes people happy.

“I love my job, I love being a barber. You have just so much confidence after a good haircut, it’s nice just to put a smile on their face.”

Mr Hutton took a few hours out of his working day to attend the event despite having appointments with his clients.

He said: “I’ve got to go back to work after this _ I’ve blocked a few hours off but my next appointment is at 4pm so I’ll have to rush back.”

The event, which made use of the venue’s different rooms, had space for at least 120 people and even a live band.

Chair of Food for Thought Louise Graham said: “This is our first year’s anniversary, we had our very first event here this time last year. It was hugely successful on so many levels, and it kick-started our organisation.”

Since its inception last year, Food for Thought has hosted pop-up cafes and foodbank sessions.

Ms Graham said: “It’s a crisis that our food system is in. There is an over-production of food so we try and redistribute that back to people who need it.”

“We collect surplus food from supermarkets and we store it and we cook what we can use – the standard of food is really good.

Ms Graham said any excess food is usually sent back to the warehouse where it is destroyed or even turned into animal food.

But the organisation relies on this surplus to give to people on low-income.

Mr Graham said meals the team have served have proved popular, adding: “We get lots of comments about how delicious the meals are.”

In November, the organisation said they were looking for a new base as redevelopment of its present base at Darlington fire station is planned.