A CAMPAIGN group is calling for Black Eye Friday to be renamed to reduce the risk of serious injury as revellers start the Christmas holidays.

The Friday before Christmas is one of the busiest nights of the year for emergency services as pubs and clubs are filled with people drinking more than usual.

The evening regularly sees police cells full and hospital waiting rooms visited by people who are injured when fighting breaks out.

One Punch North-East is now calling for the night to be known as ‘Festive Friday’ in the hope it will bring about a change in the culture of alcohol-related violence.

The campaign is being led by Maxine Thompson-Curl, who son, Kristian, was fatally injured in a one punch attack during a night out.

She said: “Alcohol is not an excuse for violent behaviour but being drunk alters perception and attitude.

“This can lead to someone using more force than they perceive necessary when in a fight and as a result one punch can be fatal.

“The name Black Eye Friday makes some people think they have a licence to act in a certain way at this time of year so by renaming it there will be no excuse.”

Kristian, from Burnopfield, was 18 when Mark Berry, from Leadgate, attacked him at the K2 nightclub, in Consett in 2010.

He fell and hit his head and although he came out of a coma a week later he never fully recovered and died in a treatment centre in Northampton in July 2011.

Berry was jailed for 28 month sand freed two months before Mr Thompson died.

Inspector Rachel Stockdale from Durham Constabulary said: “We urge people to enjoy their time socialising were ever they are, but remind people how tragic their actions can be and the catastrophic consequences one punch can cause and ask that people drink responsibly to return home safely.”