TENSIONS over Brexit boiled over in Durham when Leave campaigners stopped a pro-remain bus from leaving the city.

The bright yellow "Bollocks to Brexit" bus is on a UK tour, and is aimed at getting people to demand a say on the final Brexit deal.

It was at the Arnison Centre, in Pity Me, Durham, on Wednesday, when about 40 Leave campaigners stood in front of the bus to prevent it from getting to its next destination in York.


A number of Leave signs were stuck to the bus and Remain campaigner Madeleina Kay, who was on the bus, said protestors had also thrown an egg at the front window.

The road was briefly closed until the bus, and protestors moved into a bus stop in Wheatlands Way.

Colin Raine, from County Durham, who was among the protestors, said: "The people on this bus are betraying democracy and we are trying to honour it.

"We haven't changed our mind in Durham."

Another woman added: "We also don't agree with the word. It's offensive and it's going around and everyone can see it."

Madeleina Kay, a Remain campaigner from Sheffield, said: "Our message is bollocks to Brexit because we have had enough.

"It's not going well and it's not good for our country.

"We are trying to get the message out there that it's not a done deal and we want a final say."

She added: "We haven't had anything like this anywhere.

"These guys are deliberately obstructing the bus. They've thrown eggs, been putting their fingers up and lying in front of the coach to stop us from pulling out."

Local Remain supporter David Taylor-Gooby, said: "We will go on campaigning. Our aim is to talk to people and persuade them.

"Thuggery like that does not advance the debate. We want to talk to ordinary people because for the future of the country we need to get a people's vote."

Speaking at the protest, sergeant Kay Howarth, of Durham Police said: "They want to stop them from getting to their next destination and we have agreed a timescale of 45 minutes, at which point they have said they will move aside.


"It's a peaceful protest and they want to make their point.

"We did shut the road initially but they have listened to us and moved to one side."

A Durham Constabulary spokesman said: “We were alerted this morning to the presence of a bus near the Arnison Centre, in Durham, being used by anti-Brexit protesters who were handing out leaflets.

“They were confronted by a group of around 40 rival protesters, who held a counter demonstration.

“Police briefly closed Wheatlands Way, in Durham, to protect the safety of both the public and protesters, but it was reopened within a few minutes and both sides continued their protests at the roadside.”

The bus was held up for about 45 minutes.