A COUNCIL has been urged to prioritise filling gaps in its cycling network.

Councillor Joe Kelley said after first being elected to serve Hurworth he was told a twin bridge, similar to the one at Middleton St George, would be built to connect the village to Darlington for cyclists.

He said: “I have been a councillor for seven and a half years and I am still no closer to getting a safe route to Hurworth. Cycling to Hurworth is almost impossible safely. The roads are narrow or fast-moving like the A167 and I feel this has become a very low priority to the council because it is a rural issue and money has just not been available.”

After becoming one of the UK’s first Cycling Demonstration Towns, receiving £1.5m in Government cash in 2005, it was hoped gaps in Darlington’s cycle network could be filled.

The council’s leader, Councillor Stephen Harker said he supported the development of safe cycling routes, despite the lack of funding for such schemes, and there was an intent to do so.