ENSURING every child reaches their full potential is a well-used phrase, but for a new primary school that opens in Topcliffe Road, Thirsk, next September, it is a firm commitment.

Part of the successful Elevate Multi Academy Trust, Keeble Gateway Academy will begin small...but with big ideas.

Under the leadership of Executive Headteacher, Mrs Nikkie Beniams, Keeble Gateway Academy will welcome a nursery group of 25, and a reception class of up to 30 children in 2019. The school will grow organically as the children progress, until the full primary school offering is provided.

Named after Dame Reena Keeble, a renowned educationalist who was instrumental in helping to shape the Trust’s philosophy, Keeble Gateway Academy will be built around three key platforms: nurturing children to ensure they feel safe and happy, having the highest expectations that every child is empowered to meet regardless of their background, and offering a unique, stimulating curriculum that instils a love of learning.

“We want to build warm relationships within the school family,” said Nikkie, “so have already started a Facebook group where the parents of prospective pupils can get a real understanding of what we want to achieve.”

One of the cornerstones of Keeble Gateway Academy is a teaching and learning philosophy called Keep Up, Not Catch Up, which ensures every child has all the support they need to flourish. This cutting-edge strategy is rooted in the relentless determination that no child gets left behind.

For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, teaching is done through a play-based approach, while those in Key Stages 1 and 2 will learn through Big Ideas, an innovative and creative process which has proved highly successful in other Trust schools.

Each Big Idea draws all aspects of the curriculum into one exciting whole-school project, started with a launch day to inspire the children to find out more. Once the children are engaged, teachers lead them on an in-depth learning journey which ends with a showcase of the work covered, including parents and members of the community. These occasions celebrate the children’s work and give them an opportunity to present to an audience, building up their public-speaking skills and boosting confidence.

Keeble Gateway Academy intends to become a Forest School, offering children the chance to get outdoors and learn through hands-on experiences in a natural setting. It will also work closely with Thirsk School and Sixth Form College to create mentoring relationships so that the children can learn from older role models.

If this sounds like the kind of education you would like for your child, applications are open until January for reception in September 2019. Nursery places are also available.

For more information, visit www.keeblegatewayacademy.org, call 01845 537291 or e-mail headteacher@keeblegatewayacademy.org