A PRIMARY school student has been recognised for his bravery after calling 999 to help his grandad who had collapsed on the sofa.

Lucas Carter Wright from Ingleby Barwick was able to provide enough detail to Force Control Room Communications Officer Gabby Rudge-Cox to enable her to determine what action was needed after his grandad appeared unresponsive.

The operator sent a blue light response to Lucas’s grandad’s address after the five-year-old had given the information needed.

Communications Officer Gabby Rudge-Cox said: “Lucas was brilliant on the phone. He managed to give me enough information to determine that his Grandad was in need of an emergency blue light response and he carried out all the instructions I gave him, like making sure the door was open to enable officers to get into his Grandad’s house.

“He’s amazing – to be five-years-old and be in the middle of a scary and confusing situation, but to know to call 999 shows what an absolute superstar he is and I’m sure his family are extremely proud.”

Seven minutes after Lucas dialled 999, PC James Bowie arrived at the address and thanks to Lucas, was able to enter the property and help his Grandad.

In recognition of his work North Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Ciaron Irvine paid a visit to Whinstone Primary School in Ingleby Barwick to meet Lucas and gave him an early Christmas present for his quick thinking and bravery.