STUDENT footballers played the equivalent of 16 matches, back-to-back, in an endurance test netting £7,066.19 for a worthy cause.

The Durham undergraduates were joined by university staff and other enthusiasts for the 24-hour match, backed by a hardy bunch of cheerleaders, who kept the players spirits up through the night

In total, 283 players participated in the event organised by Collingwood College AFC, for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide.

But one of those players, Geology student Tom Verniers, took part for the entire 24 hours.

He said:“By completing the full 24-hour match I wanted to show that you can always keep going just a little bit longer and contribute as much as I can towards making the event an incredible success.”

Among those donning their boots was evergreen Professor Stuart Corbridge, the university’s Vice-Chancellor.

Despite the duration, the margin remained tight, with one side winning 301 - 297.