A PHARMACIST accused of murdering his wife brought men back to their marital home and was still using gay dating apps on the day she died, a court has heard.

Jessica Patel died at her home in Middlesbrough in May after being strangled and suffocated.

Mitesh Patel, Jessica's husband, denies murdering her and claims he knew nothing about her death.

A jury at Teesside Crown Court on Monday heard police interviews with Mr Patel, where he admitted being unfaithful to his wife by meeting and hooking up with a "handful" of men.

Mr Patel told investigating officers he first started using gay dating websites and apps, including Grindr, in the summer of 2017.

He said Mrs Patel found out he was using such websites, but he told her he would stop and they agreed to work on their marriage.

However, on a family holiday in the weeks prior to Mrs Patel's death, he admitted he was still using the websites almost daily and meeting men.

He also told investigating officers it was "shameful" in his culture to use such websites.

The jury also heard Mr Patel had met with a man in the days before Mrs Patel's death and they swapped numbers, but did not sleep together.

Phone records also showed Mr Patel was accessing dating websites and apps on the day his wife was killed.

Mr Patel told officers their relationship was "tense" when they returned from holiday and he was worried his marriage had "failed".

But he claimed Mrs Patel did not want to end the marriage.

The court also heard Mr Patel had not attempted CPR on his wife when he claims he discovered her body, saying "he didn't know how to".

He also discussed with officers the couple's desire to have children, saying "he couldn't wait" and it was "all Jess ever wanted".

He said Mrs Patel had raised concerns he would leave her if she couldn't have children, but he told her "don't be silly, that's never going to happen".

During his interviews with police, Mr Patel was shown CCTV footage which cast doubt on his claim that he was out walking at the time his wife was killed, and he was told there were "35 to 40 missing minutes" in his version of events.

The detective asked Mr Patel: "It’s impossible for you to leave your home address by turning left or right without showing up on a camera.

"So the only explanation is that you’re in the house.

"Something has gone on in that house when Jessica has got home. "

Mr Patel replied: "There's nothing to tell".

The trial continues.