A WOMAN is warning others to beware of a scam involving letters claiming the recipient has won almost £1m.

Thérèse Dixon, 73, from Blackhill, Consett, was contacted by a company claiming to be the International Postcode Online Lottery, telling her she had won £900,000.

She was sceptical, but made enquiries on the London number and was asked if she would give her bank details or prefer a cheque.

She opted for a cheque and began making plans for the money, but when the cheque arrived another letter said she would have to pay a 0.1 per cent clearance charge, which equates to £900, before it could be cashed.

Mrs Dixon said: “I thought this is too good to be true. I am well aware of not giving over bank details, but want to warn other people about this.”

Mrs Dixon took the letter to Consett police station and was told officers had had calls from around ten other people.

She was told it was a scam and she should disregard the letter.

The Northern Echo called number in the letter and asked for a statement in response to concerns the letter was fraudulent. The man who answered said: ‘no comment’.