REPORTING water leaks is being made much easier through an innovative approach from a regional water company.

Northumbrian Water has unveiled the latest tool in its quest to stop water being lost to leaks – a new interactive online portal which gives customers the power to report leaks and track repairs at the touch of a button.

Through significant investment, the North-East water company has pledged to reduce leakage across its network by 15 per cent over the next few years. Customers can play a key role in this by reporting leaks as soon as they see them. They can do this quickly and easily by accessing the new Leakage Portal.

The portal features an interactive map which shows reported leaks on the Northumbrian Water network, which customers can use to find if a leak has already been reported, and check the progress of the repair. If it hasn’t been reported, they can then make their report online, which is passed directly to an advisor.

It also includes tools to help customers describe the type of leak, and they can even upload photos so it can be identified and prioritised for repairs. Once a leak has been reported it will be included on the interactive map, and updates will be provided via the portal until a repair has been completed.

Water Director, Eliane Algaard, said: "We are firmly committed to driving down leakage across our network and have set ourselves an ambitious target of reducing it by 15 per cent by 2025. To achieve this, we are making a significant investment into finding and fixing leaks, and taking an innovative approach. We are putting more resources into hunting down leaks so we can get them repaired as quickly as possible, and our customers can really help us by reporting anything they spot.

“The new portal allows our customers to check whether we’re already on the case with a leak they have spotted, and report it to us quickly and easily if not. We are also committed to keeping our customers updated on our progress, so once a leak has been reported they can track the repair right through to completion.”

The Leakage Portal also includes lots of useful information on what happens once a leak is reported, and what customers should do if they find a leak on their own supply.

Emergency leaks, such as those causing flooding or damage to properties, vehicles or the road surface, should still be reported by calling the Northumbrian Water customer centre on 0800 393 084.

Northumbrian Water’s commitment to reduce leakage across its network by 15 per cent by 2025 is part of its ‘Our Plan' for 2020-2025, which is currently being assessed by industry regulator, OFWAT. The company is currently working on a number of innovative approaches to reducing leakage, including using satellite technology to capture images which can be used to detect leaks, which can then be passed on to leakage technicians on the ground.