A SILHOUETTE of a First World War sailor will be back in place in time for this weekend’s centenary celebrations.

The near life-size statue went missing from outside Asda in Stanley at the weekend.

The silent silhouette, part of a series designed by the Royal British Legion, was discovered overnight in the Church Street area of the town and was brought into Stanley Police Station, where it has been confirmed as the missing statue.

Sergeant Dave Clarke, of Stanley Police, said: “It would appear that this has been a very silly and disrespectful prank carried out by someone who will hopefully now realise how offensive it was and how strongly the people of Stanley feel about this.

“But, he has been found intact and will now be put back in place ready to return to duty in time for the centenary commemorations at the weekend.”

Stanley Town Councillor David Tully added: “I am delighted to have him back in time for this weekends historic remembrance event.

“Many thanks to Stanley police and everyone involved.”